ThreadForce, Inc. provides custom software solutions targeting Information Intensive industries. ThreadForce, Inc. brings strong experience in Business Process Analysis, Business Process Automation, and Business Process Reengineering.

Your business processes are custom and unique to your organization. It's not part of a "one size fits all" process. While two companies may be hospitals and have processes for handling patients from admission to discharge, the processes would rarely, if ever, be identical.

ThreadForce, Inc. understands the uniqueness of business processes and provides unique solutions for businesses’ unique process requirements. Our solutions reflect our understanding of the Information lifecycle and supports all phases of information during its lifecycle:
  • Input
  • Retrieval
  • Process
  • Analysis
  • Reports
  • Storage
Whether supporting processes for managing Army munitions from factory to foxhole or processes supporting hospitals’ management of patient care from admission to discharge, the ThreadForce, Inc. team brings over 10 years’ experience providing successful custom solutions to both industries.

We are prepared to provide the same for your custom process.