About Us
What's in a Name?

ThreadForce...Soldier Strong


Denotes precision. A Thread in the computer world is the vehicle by which programming instructions are sent to the computer processor. A computer is only as effective as the integrity of the Threads that transport the programming instructions to the computer processor.


Like Air Force… An organization that believes in its cause and has committed ALL of its resources to the accomplishment of its mission.

Soldier Strong

You don’t have to be in the Army to be a soldier. It’s a commitment. Inherent in the name is RISK. A willingness to take risks for a cause that one believes in to the extent that he or she is willing to risk his or her life to achieve it. Inherent in the name is a willingness to do “what it takes” to be ready/prepared. Inherent in the name is an unwavering belief that you will succeed in accomplishing your mission.

  • Create the highest quality, most economical, custom enterprise information systems
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Inspire collaborative ingenuity, enthusiasm and optimism between our customers and our company for our products
  • Be a great place to work
  • Team-based ingeniousness
  • Spectacular custom product solutions
  • An industry leader in quality, design and customer satisfaction
  • Humility—respect for others as much as for ourselves
  • Appreciation—continually let our team, partners and customer know that we do not take them for granted and are thankful for all they do
  • Integrity—unconditional honesty being who we really are
  • Relationship—mutual acceptance
  • High personal and collaborative expectations